Try Something

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Last semester, I was required to take an art class for my degree. I was admittedly, quite nervous. I’ve always loved art, and admired it greatly. I used to dream about how wonderful it would to take the clouds and place them on a canvas, making them look just like they do when they call to me from the sky. This, I’m afraid, did not happen.

It wasn’t until I was in this class, in college, that I had a teacher tell me to “draw what you see in front of you.” I spent years thinking I was awful at art because what I tried to draw from my imagination or memory was sub-par. Honestly, had these not been for a grade, I likely would not have made the effort. Instead, I gave it my best effort and was amazed by what I produced. Sure, it’s not museum quality, but had I not really concentrated and made the effort, I never would have found out what I was capable of.

If you’re reading this, here is my challenge to you: Try something you’ve always wanted to do. Even if you think you won’t be good at it, try. You might be surprised.

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