Month: May 2014


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Okay, I was challenged to write about professional football, which I’m finding far more difficult than I was expecting. So instead, I’m gonna write about my enjoyment of football. I enjoy watching it, I know how it works, and I have fun actually playing.

My favorite part? The tackle. *grin*

There are very few things that are as satisfying as watching the look on a guy’s face when he realizes that he’s been tackled by a woman. (I won’t lie, it was particularly satisfying in middle school, when “beaten by a girl” still had a bunch of stigma attached.) I love running the ball down the end field. I’m shit at throwing, but catching that sucker and kicking some booty.

So yeah, I may not be able to throw out an analysis of Andrew Luck, but get me on the field and you’ll see that I know football. 😉