Month: September 2013

Who am I?

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I have been asked, for a class, to explore my personal teaching philosophy. If I am to go by the book and the numbers, I would call myself Constructivist and leave it at that. However, we all know that numbers are only one aspect of understanding a person. I am Constructivist, yes, but I also hold beliefs that fall under other categories. I am Humanist, and believe that children have value and should be given a voice. I am a Social Reconstructionist, and believe that positive change can come from anyone, and that it is important to examine social and societal norms even when they are uncomfortable to do so. I am also somewhat Progressive, and feel that it is our job to be good people who care about our world and the betterment of society.

I expect that this will be an interesting journey, especially as I continue working with students as an intern and finding whether or not what I currently believe as true holds up or not. I strongly suspect that it shall, as I have felt many of these things for awhile now without having a name to put to them. However, I feel it is important for personal growth and understanding to examine one’s beliefs even if what you find at the end leaves you in a different space from where you began.

So, shall we begin?